2013 Weddings: A Year in Review

January 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It's hard to believe that it has already been a year since deciding to pursue photography as more than "just a hobby." It has been a fantastic journey and I feel so blessed to have not only had an excellent year, but excellent clients as well. I shot photos at twenty weddings (in locations as close as Minneapolis, and as far away as Madison, WI and Sioux Falls, SD), and took more than ten sets of engagement photos. I even booked twelve freelance corporate gigs for several big agriculture companies in the Twin Cities area. 

I am so excited to see what 2014 has in store (including my own wedding and London honeymoon)! For now though, I'd like to share a review of my favorite wedding moments from 2013. I hope you all enjoy!


Moment #1: Peter and Jessica's Wedding in Mankato, MN


Moment #2: Christian and Shannon pause for a kiss while the wedding party keeps on walking. Photo shot in Mears Park, St. Paul.


Moment #3: Bride Ellen and Groom Vance each pose with their respective bridesmaids and groomsmen. Don't they both look so happy? Photo shot in Sioux Falls, SD at the historic Courthouse Museum.


Moment #4: Bride Rachel and her bridesmaids take a moment to show off their comfy Toms shoes. Photo shot at Island Park in Fargo, ND.



Moment #5: Brita and Anton take a break from their wedding reception for a photo at sunset. (I absolutely am in love with the perfect lighting!) Photo shot in Fargo, ND.


Moment #6: Anna and Jesse have a bubbly entrance to their wedding reception. Don't they look so happy together? Photo shot at the Millennium Hotel in Downtown Minneapolis.


Moment #7: Mike and Renee show off their mutual love for basketball during their wedding photography shoot. Photo shot in Hugo, MN.


Moment #8: Kirstie and Cody share a kiss under Kirstie's wedding veil.


Moment #9: Ed and Donna share a smile at their wedding in Rochester, MN.


Moment #10: Rachel and Dwight take a little walk at Island Park in Fargo, ND. I love the oversized balloon!


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